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I’m not currently taking on any new projects.

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Social Media Strategy

I am not taking on any new projects, but you can read about the types of work I do.

I work with marketing executives and teams to understand their goals, audiences and the competition to solve communications challenge with social media. Work with me to figure out if you’re on the right channel, create posts that grab attention, manage a rowdy community, or analyze what works to make it better. Together we can take control of your social media before it takes control of you.

Content Marketing

My content has been seen by millions of people across the globe, with posts cited in international newspapers, corporate blogs and more. I’ve drawn comics, collaborated with artists, scripted videos and more with considerations for audience preferences and search engine optimization (SEO). Partner with me to determine what your audience wants and how we can make it happen.

Digital Advertising

The truth is that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are primarily pay to play these days if you want to reach new audiences. I’ve helped companies across the globe decide when to pull the trigger for advertising and how to reach new audiences using data. I aim to make great advertising, budget appropriately to get resulsts, and analyze what worked to make better decisions. Hire me to help you grow your business.

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